How big are your boxes

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How big are your boxes? We get asked a lot of questions about our services.  Believe it or not, just how big the medium and large boxes are is probably the most asked question we get; and, since you asked…. The medium box is 2 cubic feet: that’s 18” x 15” x 12.5” or, 46 […]

Moving out of residence? Here’s a handy checklist

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Chances are, you’ve been given a list of requirements set out by your residence office that need to be fulfilled before you are officially out of your room.  Most offices also have room inspectors who will check and enforce that bedrooms, suite areas and bathrooms are cleaned. We at Campus Concierge Movers would like to […]

We Offer Professional Moving Services for Students in Ottawa

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We offer a #professional #moving service that is quick and painless for students and parents alike. We drop off a moving kit complete with moving boxes, newsprint, labels and markers. You pack your stuff at your own pace then we pick everything up. We store it for you in our secure facility and then we re-deliver it when you move back to Ottawa next semester.

Savvy Student Storage for Ottawa Students

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Savvy Student Storage for Ottawa Students Did you know that there are over 100,000 students in Ottawa?  That’s pretty crazy eh?  And with many of those students coming from outside the 613 it’s important to know that there is a student moving company that helps students store their stuff while they go home for a […]

Tips for Moving Out of Your Dorm

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Remember when you first moved into your dorm room?  Doesn’t it seem just like yesterday that you were bringing your belongings into your new space?  Campus Concierge Movers knows that we are only in November and you probably have another term left before you move out, but would like to provide you with tips for […]

School Storage – Oh How Times Have Changed

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By a show of hands, who here remembers when over-sized backpacks were the extent of your school storage? We’d cram them full of pencils and erasers, lunch bags, maybe our gym clothes and whatever we were bringing for show and tell. Back then we didn’t have to worry about furniture, clothing, books and supplies. Oh […]

The Things You May Want to Take to College/University – The Bedroom

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It’s been a few years since the folks at Campus Concierge Movers were in university and college, but we’d like to think that as much as technology has changed over that time, the items required at university and college probably haven’t changed all that much. So, we dusted off our old textbooks and thought about […]

Help track your move, with these 3 Apps!

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You’re a student, which means you are probably very tech savvy and likely far more tech savvy than the author of this article, but I came across a pretty good blog article that I wanted to share some highlights from. We want to ensure that your packing and moving is as seamless and worry free […]

Need Summer Storage for Larger Items?

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So your term is in the books, your exams are done and you’re ready to start your summer.  Starting your summer could mean a co-op term, a vacation or it could mean moving back home, wherever that is.  For some people, wherever home is, is pretty far away. Our mission is to make the student moving […]

Need Summer Storage at Algonquin College?

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Attending Algonquin College in Ottawa and staying in residence? Algonquin College offers campuses in Ottawa, Perth, Pembrooke along with Jazan, Saudi Arabia! However if you are attending the Ottawa campus, the Woodroofe residences offers many handy conveniences that help out throughout the year.  Algonquin College Residences offer fully furnished residence rooms complete with Internet access, […]