How big are your boxes

By Category Packing Date June 17, 2016

How big are your boxes?

We get asked a lot of questions about our services.  Believe it or not, just how big the medium and large boxes are is probably the most asked question we get; and, since you asked….

The medium box is 2 cubic feet:

  • that’s 18” x 15” x 12.5” or,
  • 46 cm x 38 cm x 32 cm

Our medium boxes are arguably the most commonly used box for moving and storage.  They are good for storing smaller items, like stuff you’d have around your desk, in drawers, or on shelves.  They can easily store toiletries, dishes, small appliances (like a toaster or kettle), Tupperware and more.

The large box is 4 cubic feet: 

  • That’s 18” x 18” x 21” or,
  • 46 cm x 46 cm x 53.5 cm

Our large box is a versatile box great for textbooks, magazines, pots & pans, small appliances, electronics, computer peripherals, clothing, and shoes.  Some people have also used our large boxes for bulkier items like linens, blankets or towels.

Just as a reminder, we also offer storage of other common items, like mattresses, desks, chairs, lamps and so much more.  So if you need Storage for furniture, suitcases or any other items, just click here to view rates for all additional items. 

Psst…We also offer local student shipping! For rates on local shipments, please contact our office at 613-816-4CCM.