Moving out of residence? Here’s a handy checklist

By Category Moving, Ottawa, Tips Date April 5, 2016

Chances are, you’ve been given a list of requirements set out by your residence office that need to be fulfilled before you are officially out of your room.  Most offices also have room inspectors who will check and enforce that bedrooms, suite areas and bathrooms are cleaned. We at Campus Concierge Movers would like to prepare you for the dreaded task of moving our of residence with a handy checklist.

Based on our experience back in the day, here’s what we recommend you do in advance of moving out:

  • Your suite is in the same state that it was when you first got it.  That means
    • All garbage has been taken out to the dumpsters and disposed of.
    • Your furniture (couch, chair, desk, dresser etc) are all in their proper place and are in good shape.
    • Floors are clean, that means carpet has been vacuumed, tiles/vinyl/wood are mopped.
    • You’ve cleaned your bathroom – this includes the obvious:
      • floor
      • bathtub
      • shower
      • sink
      • toilet
      • drawers and cupboards
    • Walls are empty and free of all posters, tape, or markings.  Anything that you have put up should be removed, this includes windows.
    • Furniture like desks and dressers are wiped clean, free of dust and other sticky stuff.
    • Your kitchen is clean:
      • sink
      • fridge is empty
      • stove is cleaned
      • drawers and cupboards are empty
      • appliances are wiped clean
    • All of the drawers (desk, kitchen, bathroom etc.) and cupboards are empty of food etc.
  • You have returned all the keys you were given.
  • If you have a parking pass, you should probably return that too if applicable.

We know that the whole moving process can be overwhelming sometimes, so we’ve given students an easier path to officially moving out by offering our services to Carleton U, Ottawa U, Algonquin and La Cite.  You pack, we pick it up, store it and deliver it back to you.  It’s simple.

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