Need Summer Storage for Larger Items?

By Category Moving, Ottawa, Storage Date April 22, 2015

So your term is in the books, your exams are done and you’re ready to start your summer.  Starting your summer could mean a co-op term, a vacation or it could mean moving back home, wherever that is.  For some people, wherever home is, is pretty far away.

Our mission is to make the student moving and storage process stress and worry free.  Our service is simple; we drop off moving supplies, you pack up your space, we come and pick your stuff up, store it and then deliver it back to you in the fall.  No more worrying about moving trucks, trailers or storing your stuff at a friend’s place.

We offer three convenient packages:  Classic, Superior and Royal, each package offers you a supply of moving boxes for your move. We also offer an a la carte service that allows you to add larger items to your order for an additional cost. Not sure what a small or medium item is?  Just click the links below and a drop down menu will show you.

Small Items ($30 each)

+ What’s a small item?

  • Additional Medium 2 cubic foot box
  • Fan
  • Desk/Floor/Regular Lamp
  • Guitar Amp
  • Guitar/Violin
  • Ironing board
  • Microwave
  • Computer printer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Rug

Medium Items ($45 each)

+ What’s a medium item?

  • Additional Large 4 cubic Foot Box
  • Carry on Suitcase with Clothing
  • Computer Monitor
  • Plastic Storage Tote (Less than 45L)
  • Plastic Drawers Unit
  • Bookshelf Stereo
  • Nightstand
  • Ottoman
  • Small shelf
  • Snowboard/Skis

Large Items ($60 each)

+ What’s a large item?

  • Coffee Table
  • Desk Chair
  • Large shelf
  • Mini Fridge (Under 2 cu ft)
  • Mirror
  • Suitcase (Under 28″)
  • Plastic Tote (45L or greater)

Extra Large Items ($80 each)

+ What’s a extra large item?

  • Arm Chair
  • Bicycle
  • Desk
  • Reclining Chair
  • Small Dresser (empty)
  • Television in box (Less than 36″)
  • Twin/Double Box Spring
  • Twin/Double Mattress & Frame
  • Suitcase (Over 28″)
  • Hockey Bag
  • Mini Fridge (2 cu ft to 5 cu ft)
  • Duffel Bag with Clothing

Huge Items ($100 each)

+ What’s a huge item?

  • Love Seat
  • Queen/King Box Spring
  • Queen/King Mattress & Frame
  • Television with box (36″+)

Moving home, should be made simply!