We Offer Professional Moving Services for Students in Ottawa

By Category Moving, Ottawa, Storage, Tips Date March 10, 2016


At Campus Concierge Movers, we offer professional moving services for students in Ottawa. We’re former #students who have lived in #residence so we get what it means to move out for the summer. One of our founders went to school out East and remembers the process of moving out of residence for the summer, just to move it all back a few months later.

Sometimes doing it on your own isn’t the smartest thing. Sometimes you think you have the skills, the know-how or the tools to do the job right but our reality is often quite far from our expectations. Things take a lot longer, you under-estimate the work, or you over-estimate your abilities! Either way, we’ve all been there and it’s easy to forget what your time is worth.

“I didn’t have a lot of stuff, but having to load up the van, then drive it across three provinces only to bring most of that stuff back with me in early September, it was kind of a pain. I felt bad for my parents who had to drive all the way to New Brunswick and then drive all the way home. That’s a 15 hour drive, let alone the cost of gas, hotels, food etc.”

Professional Moving Services for Students and their Parents in Ottawa

We offer a #professional #moving service that is quick and painless for students and parents alike. We drop off a moving kit complete with moving boxes, newsprint, labels and markers. You pack your stuff at your own pace then we pick everything up. We store it for you in our secure facility and then we re-deliver it when you move back to Ottawa next semester.

We’ve helped students from #Carleton #OttawaU #AlgonquinCollege and #LaCite; parents, aunts and uncles have appreciated not having to rent a truck and saving the time (and money) associated with this kind of student moving. We truly have made the move home simple.

We can even accommodate larger items like #sofas, #mattresses, #desks, #chairs, #diningroom tables and so much more. Check out this article on our additional items! We offer an a la carte service that is as unique as you are.

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